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 Want to give your furbie a cool look, a relaxing spa treat and healing session they'll never forget?

Now's the chance for them to be groomed by our skilled pet stylists from Tokyo and Hong Kong and experience a relaxing Hydrating Gel Pack with Ozone Nano Mist spa and rejuvenating Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment all within in a session.

All at a special bundle price !!!

Yes, this is a 3-in-1 deal not to be missed!

Valid for appointments from 25 Feb to 10 March 2015

Terms apply.  

Bundle Prices (Full Styling + Hydrating Gel Pack with Ozone Nano Mist + Oxygen Healing)

  • Toy Breed         : $178 (UP: $266)
  • Small Breed      : $218 (UP: $303)
  • Medium Breed  : $238 ~ $258 (UP $328 ~ $358)
  • Large Breed      : $298 & above (UP $408 onwards)

Plus, receive the following exclusive gifts!

  • 1x Pure Blyss Shampoo & Condtioner Set (Worth $66.50)
  • 1x limited edition Bow Tie Collar (Worth $33.90)


Hydrating Gel Pack with Ozone Nano Mist

Harnessing the deeply hydrating, rejuvenating and regenerating properties from a botanical blend of 8 unique herbs*, a luxurious application of freshly prepared warm gel to the skin and coat promises a bespoke spa experience that is unique to only Petopia!

Coupled with nano mist created from a rich hydrolate containing a signature blend of tsubaki (Camellia japonical) and rice bran extract ~ expect calm skin and CANDY FLOSS coats free from tangles and persistent odour! 


Botanical Blend of :

❥ Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)
❥ Althea Officinalis (Rose of Sharon)
❥ Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp)
❥ Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut)
❥ Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile)
❥ Soybean
❥ Bilberry
❥ Green Tea

Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Healing, exclusively at Petopia, is a refreshing way to help animal companions revitalize, rejuvenate and recover naturally with oxygen! It aims to help animal companions cope with the effects of ageing, illnesses, injury or overexertion.

An absolute key component of optimal physical and mental health is the ready access to sufficient oxygen.

“Hyper”, which means increased and “baric”, which relates to pressure, refers to treatment with pure oxygen at greater than normal atmospheric pressures.

In HOH, the animal companion is placed in a large transparent chamber that supplies a pressurized flow of pure oxygen 1.5 times that of atmospheric oxygen level, affording the companion more oxygen in the bloodstream, speeding up recovery processes.

The treatment works on the principle that high oxygen concentration, combined with increased air pressure in the chamber, raises plasma-oxygen concentration, allowing oxygen to diffuse into tissues at depths much further than usual to promote healing.

Inside the chamber, the animal companion rests comfortably on a soft surface while the oxygen works on the body, wounds, swellings, burns, other injuries or illnesses.

Each treatment session is about 20 minutes. Frequent and regular sessions facilitate a speedy recovery.

Terms of Promotion

  • Applicable only to appointments booked via this site from 25 Feb to 10 March 2015. 
  • Not applicable to package holders. Cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • Not applicable with vouchers.
  • Slots are based on first come first serve basis, subject to availability.
  • An email will be sent to you within 48 hours if you are successful in getting the desired slot. 
  • Alternative slots will be offered if your desired slot have been taken.
  • Price varies on the size and breed of animal companion.
  • Price will be quoted upon receiving your submission. 
  • Booking is confirmed upon full upfront payment.
  • Payment is through in-store or Internet Bank Transfer via FAST.
  • In-store payments have to be made within 3 days from date of reservation. 
  • Internet Bank Transfer payments have to be made at least 2 days before the appointment. 
  • Rescheduling of slots is subject to availability. For first-time customers, transport service is not available as we need the fur parent to be present to brief the stylist clearly and provide immediate feedback after the styling is completed. 
  • Prices quoted are not inclusive of dematting, deticking or transport services.
  • In the event that the guest has matted fur, the full styling and spa may not be performed depending on the extent of the dematting required. Dematting charges will apply. In this instance, the full styling and spa will be rescheduled to another day to be decided by Petopia. 
  • In the event of a tick infestation, the full styling and spa will not be performed. In this instance, a deticking service will be performed at a day to be decided by Petopia. The full styling and spa will also be rescheduled to another day to be decided by Petopia.
  • Petopia reserves the amend the terms of the promotion without prior notice.

Complete the form below to book a session!

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