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A Sanctuary Away From Home



The Suites @ KLOUD 9 heralds new comfort standards for the benefit of your canine companions!

We aspire to understand your canine companions well so as to anticipate our guests' every wish.

At Suites @ KLOUD 9, your canine companion can count on the high standards of care and reliability.


Our Hallmark Service Tenets


Peace of mind

Be it activity time or meal-time, our guests are well taken care by our pet guardians, who are specially trained and demonstrate years of experience in the handling of animal companions. Check in on them anytime remotely on your mobile or desktop devices via our hi-definition and hi-speed web-cam system!


Human Touch

Playing, cuddling, bonding: our pet guardians represent the immensely important human contact at Suites @ KLOUD 9. Our team always sees to it that the individual needs of your animal companion are met, besides heaping on extra units of tender loving care.


Safe Interaction

To ensure undivided attention is being accorded to all guests, each of our pet guardian takes care of not more than five dogs at any one time, depending on age, breed size, gender and temperament. Our guests will interact with their newfound friends under close supervision by our pet guardian, keeping them out of harm's way.


Maximum Comfort

When night falls, our guests will retreat to their personal suites for a restful sleep in total privacy.

Our spacious suites are specially tailored to the needs of our guests and meet the highest demands a canine companion can have. Fur parents may decide whether they want a larger space in Family or Prestige Suites or rather retire to an equally comfortable Cosy Suite.

As with full-fledge pet hotels, cosy beds custom made from with organic cotton and hemp (with the option of fresh thick towels), amenities like pee trays, paw balm and ceramic bowls are provided on a daily basis to ensure the highest order of comfort possible to our canine guests.


Soothing and Refreshing Environment

No efforts are spared to maintain a high levels of air integrity. In addition to the pleasant scent of essential oils, stale air is extracted for UV-sterilization, HVAC filtration and ionizing purification. Individual inlets and outlets have been fitted in every suite to regulate an even distribution of air at an adequate temperature, ensuring the right level of comfort, even to senior dogs with respiratory difficulties.

Housekeeping is performed at least twice daily to make sure that the premises is in tip-top condition. To keep bacteria at bay, only natural and environmentally-conscious cleaning products are used on hospital-grade vinyl-cushioned flooring to keep both our guests and the earth safe.


Personalised Dietary Attention

When it comes to food, we do not make compromises! Instead of subjecting our guests to a meal they need getting used to or one that may potentially trigger an allergy, we advocate feeding what our guests have been eating at home.

When required, our Food Loft provides high-quality meals designed to suit the specific needs of each animal companion. Just highlight any specific dietary needs and the Food Loft will ensure the food is delivered properly.

Does your darling have a special wish? Just make an order from our mini-bar!

Just think of our mini-bar as being able to give your love from afar! Select from a handpicked list of quality treats below and our staff will pamper your furbies with a little extra puppy love. Given that most of our guests get all the love they need and hardly have time to miss you, we will pack any remaining treats when checking-out.


Book an appointment here to view our Suites today. Please note that viewing is between 1 to 5pm daily, by appointment basis only. You may also contact us via the following channels:



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