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As Petopia celebrates her 6th year since inception, a host of exciting surprises have been lined up for each and every furbie and fur parent who have kept us company all this while...

It's our way of saying THANK YOU for taking the journey with us and your support has undoubtedly fuelled our pioneering spirit to create definitive experiences for every animal guest who visits us, not forgetting our unwavering commitment toward redefining service standards in the local pet industry.

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Receive handsome credit value e-vouchers when your friends love the definitive experience like you do at Petopia!

With e-vouchers designed in different denominations (even for FREE Full Styling sessions), your furbie gets to enjoy pampering service sessions with substantial savings!

Refer fellow fur parents to us and give their furbie a free spa top-up when they book and complete a Full Styling reservation for their furbie at Petopia!

Here's how it works:

  • A select group of customers will receive e-vouchers with unique serial code via their mobile phones.
  • Forward the e-vouchers to other fur parents via email or MMS.
  • A referred fur parent may make a booking via email at reservations@petopia.sgcall at 68869056 or MMS us the e-voucher with unique serial code to 81174996. (WhatsApp is not available). 
  • Upon showing up for appointments, referred fur parents are to present the e-voucher with your unique serial code to the Guest Relations Desk for administrative tally. 
  • Upon successful e-voucher redemption (by referred fur parents), you'd be rewarded with a credit e-voucher* delivered to your mobile phone.

* Reward details of credit e-vouchers will be appended in mobile communication upon furnishing the e-vouchers.

Good Stuph® definitely comes in PAIRS!

Keep a lookout for the e-voucher as each batch gets delivered to your mobile phones soon!

Terms of promotion

  • Your referred fur parents are not to have groomed their animal companion(s) at Petopia before.
  • The Guest Relations Desk is to be informed of the desire to redeem e-vouchers when a booking for a full styling reservation has been made over phone or email, in order to claim for a free spa top-up. No unscheduled spa top-up(s) will be entertained.
  • A successful referral refers to a completed full styling session reservation  using the e-voucher with unique serial code(s).
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd referrals are not to be the same fur parent.
  • You and the referred fur parent are not to be from the same household.
  • Your animal companion and your referred fur parent's animal companion are not to be the same.
  • Limited to one animal companion per household.
  • You will be issued a corresponding credit e-voucher for every successful referral.
  • The credit e-voucher is valid for 6 weeks from the date of issuance and it will not be valid for use upon expiry. No extension will be granted.
  • When there are 3 unique fur parents being referred successfully, the 4th referred fur parent will kickstart a new reward cycle.
  • Petopia reserves the right to amend the terms of this promotion without prior notice or consent.
  • Enquiries on The Good Stuph Rewards Programme® can be directed to or call 68869056 or SMS 81174996.

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