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Since the inception of the Star Pooch of the Month series in 2011 and the follow-up Fur~shionista of the Month series in 2013, more than 1,000 unique furbies have been featured and 100 pooches crowned Star Pooches or Fur~shionista of the Month for the past 4 years.

As we continue to celebrate this wonderful showcase of Princes and Princesses, fans of this anchor contest get to enjoy a brand new experience as we move on to reinvent the series.

The new season, hosted by Sir Barkley and Lady Bow Wow, promises to bring all the monthly contenders on an eye-opening tour around the world! :)

One more engaging voting round has been incorporated into the new series, where everyone plays a part in determining which destination Sir Barkley and Lady Bow Wow would set sail for :p The first was Great Britain, second Paris and now the next popular destination chosen is Holland!

For proud fur parents who'd want their beloved furbies to be celebrated as Sir Barkley and Lady Bow Wow each month, be prepared to be pampered with salon makeovers, blissful spa experiences and lifestyle prizes :)

Brace yourselves for a line-up of the best looking boys and girls fresh from Petopia's styling salon in the second instalment, where our journey sets sail from The Netherlands to Greece! :D

In each month's instalment, 8 aristocratic hopefuls have been specially picked to undergo 2 rounds of voting.

In the Preliminary Round, the contestants will be pitted against one another to emerge among the Top 4 to enter the Final Round. They would also need a minimum of 30 votes to advance to the Final Round.

After the Preliminary Round, votes are reset to zero and those who have voted for them earlier cannot vote again. Only those who haven't voted for them can cast their vote in the Final Round.

The Top Male and Female entry with the most number of votes will be crowned the Sir Barkley & Lady Bow Wow, where they will receive a royal spa & makeover, plus a lovely hamper of skincare products, supplements and treats from Petopia! They will also win for their fur parents a magical gift to pamper them.

Finalists with a minimum of 100 votes in the Final Round will also receive a lovely hamper of skincare products, supplements and treats from Petopia!

The voting periods for each round are as follows:

  • Preliminary Round: 11 February 2016 9pm to 22 February 2016 midnight (end of Sunday)
  • 22 Februray 2016 midnight (end of Sunday): Votes reset to zero
  • Final Round: 22 February 2016 to 3 March 2016 midnight (end of Wednesday)

Check out the Greek line-up of February 2016 when the voting starts at 9pm on 11 February 2015 Thursday!

You can only cast 1 vote per entry for the entire contest, so cast your magical vote wisely!

Let Sir Barkley & Lady Bow Wow bring you to great places Around the World to Greece now