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Fur~shionista Prince & Princess of the Month (December 2014)Fur~shionista Prince (December)Fur~shionista Princess (December)About ContestRulesPet StylingPet HotelSpa TherapyHealing Therapy

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Petopia, there lived 20 lovely pooches who dreamt of receiving royal attention and treatment.

Finally, their opportunity arose when they went for their full styling at Petopia and were handpicked for showcase in the inaugural Fur~shionista Prince and Princess of the Month!

These royal hopefuls would be able to ascend their thrones if fur god-pawrents step forward to cast your magical votes. Help them realise their Dreams!

The 20 royal hopefuls will be split into 2 groups of 10 by gender where they will undergo 2 rounds of voting.

In the Preliminary Round, the 10 in each group will be pitted against one another to emerge among the Top 5 in their group to enter the Final Round. They would also need a minimum of 50 votes to advance to the Final Round.

After the Preliminary Round, votes are reset to zero and those who have voted for them earlier cannot vote again. Only those who haven't voted for them can cast their vote in the Final Round.

The Top entry with the most number of votes in each Group will be crowned the Fur~shionista Prince and Princess of the Month, where they will receive a royal spa & makeover, plus a lovely hamper of skincare products, supplements and treats from Petopia! They will also win for their fur parents a magical gift to pamper them.

Finalists with a minimum of 300 votes in the Final Round will be invited to a complimentary chartered pet cruise with their fur parent!

Finalists with a minimum of 100 votes in the Final Round will also receive a lovely hamper of skincare products, supplements and treats from Petopia!

The voting periods for each round are as follows:

  • Preliminary Round: 4 November 1.30pm to 18 November 2014 midnight (end of Monday)
  • Votes reset to zero : 18 November 2014 midnight (end of Monday)
  • Final Round: 18 November to 1 December 2014 midnight (end of Sunday)

Check out the royal line-up of October when the voting starts at .130pm on 4 November 2014 Tuesday!

You can only cast 1 vote per entry per Group for the entire contest, so cast your magical vote wisely!

Here's how to cast your magical vote:

1) Click on the tabs Fur~shionista Prince or Fur~shionista Princess to vote for your favourite!
2a) For mobile users: Click on Verify with Facebook in the top left of the page
2b) For desktop users: Click on Like in the top right of the page
3) Click on Vote Here!

Note: You would be required to install the Fur~shionista Prince & Princess of the Month app. Installing the app will not infringe on your and your friends' privacy as votes are time-stamped and audited to ensure the authenticity of the voter. The organisers will not be bothering your supporters.

You may also share the unique URL of your favourite entry with your friends to rally votes!

PS: Clicking on Like is not counted as a vote. Remember to click on Vote Here!

Let the Fur~shionista Prince & Princess of the Month begin!