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 Be a Beary X'mas Furbie @ Petopia ! 

All of us look forward to the last month of the year, where both furbies and their humans get to partake in the joyous moments during Christmas!

Despite not enjoying a white Christmas, we have created a unique photo booth to capture your furbies' PINK BEARY X'MAS MOMENTS in a pastel-hued setting complete with Angel Bear and lovely baubles! :p

Besides receiving a handcrafted Frosty Kringle Ribbon Kawaii Choker* (comes in 3 unique variations), guests coming for Full Styling sessions from 27 November to 8 January 2017 can just top up $58 to capture their Festive Moments at our Beary X'mas Photo Booth! The frames come in 3 unique options ~ Purple, Baby Blue & White.

To complete the 'Xmas feel, guests who are signed up for the photography session get to go home with a Limited Edition X'mas bib choker (2 cute options) at a top up of only $10.

Not only would your little Prince and Princess receive a framed photo memento, he or she will be entitled to a unique spa experience** (option of Ayurveda Herb Pack with Far Infra Red or Ghassoul Foam Pack with Nano Ozone Mist (new!) at the attractive top-up rates!

Collagen Parfait Dip

With the biosynthesis and functionality of collagen and elastin fibres being reduced over time due to diet, use of chemical-laden products, environmental stress and free radical stress (from ageing), a pampering Collagen Parfait Dip serves to restore your furbie's damaged coat and also optimally hydrates skin.

Harnessing the deeply nurturing and nourishing properties of a unique serum blend of antioxidant-rich rose hip extract, grapefruit extract and sodium hyaluronate, a frothy dip with a signature citrus scent promises a bespoke spa experience that is unique to only Petopia! 

Taking into account the hypersensitivity that certain guests may experience when undergoing treatment, this pampering spa session is performed with products which are FREE from preservative, artificial fragrance, colour, gluten, and ethanol.

In addition, all cleansing and skin priming formulations DO NOT CONTAIN parabens, sulphates and phthalates.

Ayurveda Herb Pack

The Ayurveda Herb Pack for animals comprises only the finest herbs to maintain calm skin, upkeep coat health and deter parasites. 

The herbal mud pack clears up a wide spectrum of skin conditions, subsequently strengthens skin's resilience against relapses and thereby maintaining healthy skin and beautiful coats in the long run.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a natural healing aid that has been used and loved by many since ancient times. The most common type of aloe in Japan is "kidachi-aloe" and there are 500 other types including cape aloe, sokoto aloe, tiger aloe etc.

The inside of the leaves of the aloe vera plant is abundant with a thick gel-like substance. The aloe vera powder used in our herb pack is taken from the gel substance in the plant before being dried to a fine powder.

It takes 1000kg of aloe vera to make just 1kg of fine powder in our herb packs. 99.5% of aloe vera consists of water and the remaining 0.5% comprises vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other micronutrients.

This nutrient-rich powder is manufactured without the use of synthetic material, preservatives or pesticides, via strict organic processes.

Cassia & Neem

Cassia (cassia sieberiana) has been known to bring about high levels of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity when being incorporated into products.

Neem is a very common herb used in the Ayurveda healing system as it assists with the removal of odour and itch (purification). It is also an effective bio-pesticide repellant against parasites.

Ghassoul Foam Pack with Nano Ozone Mist

Ghassoul mud has been used in Morocca for more than 12 centuries as a healing agent for skin and hair, and it takes its name from the verb 'rassala', which means 'to wash' in Arabic. 

This naturally occurring mineral is an excellent cleanser and grease remover as it has great foaming effect, making it a gentle yet effective cleanser.

The Ghassoul Foam Pack with Nano Ozone Mist is a gentle and effective solution to keep skin and coats in tip top condition. Furbies with sensitive skin will not be as susceptible to breakouts or react to environmental allergens with consistent sessions.

The key benefits are: 

  • Deep cleansing of pores takes place.
  • The cause of odoriferous coats results from a combination of accumulated stale sebum and minerals from repeated use of cleansing products. Stale sebum build up around roots of follicles will be disintegrated and removed.
  • Furbies will be very much less susceptible to parasitic infestation as parasites feed on accumulated dead skin cells and stale sebum.
  • Repeated treatment enhances the skin's ability to retain the required moisture to stay supple.
  • Damaged skin and coat goes through rejuvenation from the proprietary rhassoul extracts infused within the thick foam. Furbies with recurrent mild skin conditions will less likely react to allergens after consistent sessions.

Breed Size         Top Up Price for Spa

  • Small                  $38                 (UP $95)
  • Medium              $48 ~ $68       (UP $109 ~ $123)
  • Large                 $88 ~ $108     (UP $159 ~ $179)
  • Giant                  $128 onwards (UP $209 and above)

​Please enquire with us at 68869056 or sms 81174996 if you are unsure of the breed size of your furbie.

Just inform our fellow crew members from the Guest Relations Desk of your desire to book the photo moment session when making a Full Styling appointment!

Frosty Kringle Kawaii Choker design variations are available while stock lasts as each guest receives one on a first-come-first-serve basis

** Spa top-up and photo bundle will be available to only guests with Full Styling reservations

*** Ghassoul Foam Pack with Nano Ozone Mist is the latest addition to Petopia's repertoire of spa/ healing therapies. Newly launched as a gentle yet effective solution to deep cleanse pores, eradicate stale sebum (cause of odoriferous coats and parasitic infestation) and support skin/ coat rejuvenation, furbies with recurrent mild skin conditions will benefit from consistent sessions.

✫★ Limited photography slots are available daily and reservations are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Available empty slots will be offered near to desired date of styling/ photography should there be a fully-booked situation. ★✫

Don't miss this great bundle of value !